When good just isn’t good enough

How to redefine a business through clarity and a bold positioning statement.
A strategically heavy brand identity project for a brave property developer.


The company formally known as Profi fastigheter have been around for a long time, they’ve done well and delivered good results. But with new management in place, they wanted to strengthen their position and align the brand with their business idea – it was time to ReThink, RePurpose and ReVive.

Revelop goes to places where no one else is looking. They seek opportunities where others see challenges and invest in places where they can create a positive, long-lasting impact by repositioning and developing properties with a distinct focus on sustainability.

Even though their whole business model revolved around a sustainable foundation it was neither communicated nor conveyed in their branding. The scope included everything from brand positioning strategy, naming and brand identity, down to designing the business cards.

Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future Embracing the future

Challenge – Dare to scale away.

The real estate business is a quite traditional one. It have been good times for long and the efforts needed to deliver substantial financial results have been quite small. In other words business is good and its happy times. The problem is that many of the real estate companys havent truly though about the impact they have both on peoples lives, living or working in the buildings, or the environmental impact that they have. To truly define what you stand for, scaling away all else and to dare to stand out, living up to your vision for the future and next generation takes guts. To make things even more complicated the target group for Revelop spans from institutional investors to municipalities and the tenants that can be everything from big companies to a car mechanic or a family living. How can Revelop be relevant to them al and still be clear acting from the vision?

Approach – To embrace the future

After deep discussions with the management team we defined the approach. To put everything on the table and that the consequens of the strategic work could be the need to redefine everything to be able to be clear and let the concept live though all of the organisation. Giving it a clear rout and purpose. In this phase we formulated the vision and mission as well as brand values.


We then did different workshops and interviews as well as diving deep in global trends. An analysis with the goal to define a path that was both emotional relevant and financially prosperous. We also personified the target groups from the institutional investors and municipalities to the tenants. With all this in mind we entered the next phase deciding on positioning and brand values. Out from this we developed different strategic routs that we together with the client explored at length before deciding to go all in on sustainably and CSR as the strategic way forward. A choice not only impacting the design and communication but also the core of the business. To be able to say it, we have to live it. With the strategy developed we started with the naming process defining different categories all strengthening the chosen rout. It was important that te name strengthened the strategy and after the process we decided on inventing our own word. A word that would be unique and standing clear of the vision and ambition, Revelop. After this the concept that are the basis of both design and communication were developed with a strong connection to the new company name.

Reinventing places that work.

Revelop distinguishes itself from the property industry in several ways. The fact that we are smart means that we are at the forefront both in terms of finding interesting projects, but also in our vision for what sustainable workplaces should look like in the future. Our courage means that we are prepared to look away from the rest of the market to try something new. And our responsibility means that we want to lead the real estate industry in a new, more sustainable direction. This is what our communication concept is all about: That we are smart enough to think new, brave enough to think differently and responsible enough to think sustainable. It is the story that we must drive in all communication. In short: reinventing places that work.


We drew inspiration from the Möbius strip when we designed the symbol. The möbius strip symbolizes a continuum, turning itself inside out, constantly reinventing itself. It also symbolizes sustainability and can be found in the traditional recycling symbol. This goes well with Revelop’s vision and mission statement that talks about reinventing areas and properties to create sustainable environments.


The outline shape of the symbol is that of a three-dimensional block or building. An architectural structure that portrays their core business which is property development.


The inner shape of the symbol has the shape of an arrow pointing forward, this coincides with Revelop’s idea to bring value in the long run by developing properties that proves cost efficient in the long run. Properties that will stand the test of time – they build for present and future generations.

The journey has only just begun

Although this is just the beginning for Revelop, the company has already raised the largest real estate fund in seven years. This is partly thanks to its new position and clear aspiration that the design and concept communicates.



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When good just isn’t good enough

Brand identity

How to redefine a business through clarity and a bold positioning statement. A strategically heavy brand identity project for a brave real estate company.



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