protecting a leading position

When you think of Arla you’re likely to envision happy cows and a tall glass of milk. But with over 26 different brands and an ever-changing portfolio they needed partners with a creative and flexible approach to help maintain Arla’s leading position in the dairy market.

About Arla

Since 1915, Arla is a farmer-owned cooperation, with more than 2.200 farmers in Sweden. All profit finds its way back to the farmers, and, in that way, Arla ensures a vibrant countryside and contributes to thousands of job opportunities every year. It’s safe to say that Arla is one of the most well-known brands in Sweden. In fact, you’ll most likely find the red Arla cow in every refrigerator in the country. It’s a symbol of something Swedish – just like the dalahäst.

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Arla is a big player in the Swedish dairy market. But as new brands began to challenge the industry with different options, both dairy and plant-based products consumer behavior rapidly changed. Therefore, Arla needed to reclaim their position by being creative and attracting a younger target group – without losing its loyal dairy lovers.

Our Approach

As a brand, Arla has extensive market knowledge and consumer insights, and every project has a clear objective and well-defined KPIs. For us, this was a golden opportunity to combine our strategic mindset with our work method and deliver strong creative ideas and most importantly – real value for Arla.


Even since KESO® was first introduced to the Swedish market in the 1950s, cottage cheese was the obvious first choice for people with a healthy lifestyle – until quark entered the market in the 2010s. KESO® needed a new concept to prove that cottage cheese is both tasty and high in protein – perfect for people on the go.

With this trinity in mind, we created the concept “Gör det lite lättare” (Makes Life a Little Easier) which in itself has a duality with a play of the word lightness to accentuate product benefits. The feeling of elevation was a central part of every output – from TVC to social media and OOH. Even the copy and music were uplifting. The concept proved successful and KESO® did not only reclaim its position they also exceeded sales targets by an impressive margin.


Arla had a large portfolio of filling and healthy products that had to merge into one strong position – hence the need for a healthy filling category. To increase sales of greek yogurt, quark, and yogurt-quark we built frequency and relevance for throughout-the-day consumption by focusing on purchase drivers: filling, great tasting, and healthy. The target group was young adults.


To break through the noise on social media we knew our communication had to grab attention from start. We made the products our natural heroes and built a colorful and tasty 3D universe focusing on product attributes, resulting in snappy social media ads.

ARLA – dreamy dessert

Arla was about to introduce classic ready-made desserts under a new brand: Dreamy Dessert. The goal was to become market leaders within chilled desserts and ad competitive advantage for Arla as a whole. We developed and delivered a platform with the concept “Lite för goda” (Simply too Good) focusing on indulgence, inspiring Swedes to challenge the traditional fika – and enjoy the taste of a truly Dreamy Dessert.

With this in mind, we created a warm and playful campaign that played with the idea that sometimes, a treat is simply too good to resist.



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