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The WingWave Method

The WingWave is developed to maximize the output of our effort in the most efficient way. We work towards a set goal through an agile and dynamic wave process where we involve specific specialists based on the task. Our work method is including and can be applied across all industries, target audiences, markets, channels and is the foundation for everything we do.


Who? – 
Beak to Tail Human Centric Brand Insight

Base analysis: What is the goal (SMART) and what is the real challenge?

Human centric analysis: Definition, personalisation och insights through human-centric and data driven work methods. Diversification of different communicative consumer groups. What is the key drivers in the market, what trends and behaviors can we see? When does the consumer get aware of your offer, when does he/she get interested and consider it and when does the buying decision come?


What? – The Nest – Strategic brand tool

Brand foundation
: Vision, Mission, consumer promise ,
where do you make money, what is the real business.

Best practise, consumer promise, product offer.

What is the long term most profitable och attractive position for the band? This position will shape the brand’s behavior, communication, design and R&D. 

Digital strategy: 
How does the ”always on” consumer and digitalization impact our behavior and products?


What? – Design & Communication Strategy

Design strategy
: What short and long term goal should the design reach and why, How do we communicate the Brand position strategy in design and make it the most attractive for the consumer? Are there any barriers and what insight is crucial for the design development.

Communication strategy
: What short and long term and brand building and tactical communication will get the most attraction in the different consumer groups? How do we hold the communication together and maximize it in the different channels at the same time to increase loyalty and maximizing ROI?

Creative brief and creative hypothesis
: The strategies are boiled down to a creative brief where the essence of the strategies and kreative hypothesis is the foundation for the creative work. Who, What, Why and when.


 – Concept Development

Idea foundation
: The concept is the long term foundation of all output as advertising, design or SoC. The aim is to develop the most attractive idea for the consumer to provide maximum engagement with your brand. The creative ideas are benchmarked for all channels to ensure a strong direction and a solid creative foundation.


Output – 
Production & Learnings

Manuals: We believe in making easy to use 
manuals including visual guidelines 
as well as including copy tonality 
and summary of concept and design foundations.

Production: Despite the channel, market or scope of project we can produce and ensure the material. We produce and deliver everything from TVC to Instagram posts for all countries and markets. Always the right material, at the right place, in the right time to the correct cost.

Learnings: We always want to learn and improve ourselves and therefore we follow up on both our client collaborations and after bigger activities. The goal is to draw conclusions so we can be more effective.