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Our cooperation with Zeta began in 2014. In competition with the stores' own branded goods, Zeta's identity needed to be strengthened. We started with the overall branding, where we chose to focus on the Italian origin of the family business with the concept "From a family where food is love". At the same time, we chose to use three core values from Italian cooking - tradition, passion and simplicity - as a guide for both communication and design.

The story of Zeta begins in Italy with Fernando Di Luca, born and growing up in the small coastal town of Fano, just south of Rimini. In 1961, newly graduated and adventurous, Fernando took his Lambretta and left Fano for Sweden. While there wasn’t much baggage space, his soul was filled with Italy’s flavors, recipes and dining culture. In our communication, we use this story as a basis for giving the concept life.